Tertiary Admissions Centres

Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs) receive and process applications for admission to courses on behalf of many of the tertiary institutions in each state and territory.

They do not select applicants or make decisions regarding their qualifications, but instead act as a central agency for all applications and advise applicants of the result of their application. They typically process applications for those entering undergraduate courses at public universities in the February enrolment period, but in some cases may also process applications for postgraduate courses, VET courses, mid-year entry and courses at private universities and other private providers.

In some cases, non-year 12 applicants and others who are applying through a special entry scheme will need to apply directly to the institution. If you ™re applying for a course that is in another state or territory, you will typically need to apply through that state or territory ™s TAC.

Your course information should specify whether you need to apply through a TAC. If you ™re not sure, or if you have special circumstances (you are a non-school leaver, for example), contact your institution for advice.

Australian Tertiary Admission Centres

Australia ™s states and territories have different TACs that are responsible for processing tertiary admissions for students entering a course in that state. The TACS for each state and territory in Australia are listed below:

  • ACT/NSW ” Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)
  • QLD ” Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)
  • SA/NT ” South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC)
  • TAS ” Applications go directly to the institution
  • VIC ” Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)
  • WA ” Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)

How to apply through a Tertiary Admission Centre

Do your research

The first step is to familiarise yourself with your state or territory ™s TAC website (see the links above). It is important that you understand how the tertiary application system works in your state or territory before applying, so read through its instruction pages and FAQ sections.

Register for your TAC

If you are currently completing Year 12 you will have already been assigned a candidate number to log in and access your account. If you are not currently completing Year 12, you will be assigned a number when you register. Be sure to write down your number and password.

Prepare your application

To apply you will need to supply personal information and then list the courses you would like to apply for in order of preference (these are known as your ˜preferences ™). You may also be able to complete a scholarship application to be sent to multiple universities and book any necessary admission tests (such as a STAT test).

Complete any extra requirements

Depending on the course, you may need to complete extra requirements after you submit your application, such as undertaking a test, submitting a portfolio or attending an audition. Some applicants may need to supply evidence of previous qualifications or other certified documents that provide evidence of name change or citizenship.

Double-check that your information is correct

Some courses have more than one course code depending on the campuses, fee structures and study modes offered, so be sure that you choose the correct one. They should also be in the correct order, with the courses you most want to study listed first.

Apply for special consideration

If you have suffered from disadvantage (examples include living in a rural or regional area or suffering from a disability or medical condition) you may be able to apply for special consideration through your TAC site. In most cases, you will need to nominate a special consideration category and complete a personal statement that explains your circumstances and how they have affected your studies.

Complete any personal history documentation

You may also be able to complete a separate document that outlines your personal history if it is listed as an extra requirement for your course or if you wish to provide further background information to support your application, such as details of previous work experience or your reasons for applying.

Change your preferences (if necessary)

In the period after Year 12 results are released there is a change of preference period in which you are able to return to your TAC website and swap the order of your preferences or add new courses to reflect your ATAR (or OP). This might be something worth taking advantage of if your results are significantly different to what you accounted for when you first selected your preferences.

Meet the deadlines and pay any fees

Your TAC will have strict deadlines, so be sure to complete your applications well in advance to avoid missing out. You may also need to pay a fee to the TAC for processing your application.

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