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Q: How can The Good Universities Guide help my students?

A: The Good Universities Guide is a complete resource for navigating the challenging process of choosing courses, institutions and careers. Using The Good Universities Guide, you and your students can:

Q: How can students search for courses?

A: The Course Search allows you to search for VET, undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Australia. Students can conduct searches using our 30 fields of study, which cover everything from accounting to veterinary science. Students can also select the type of institution at which they would like to study and its state or territory, as well as the qualification level and the study mode. If they have some idea of the course or institution they are interested in, they can also input a course or institution name to get more specific results. Visit the Course Search page to see how it all works!

Q: How can students search for institutions?

A: The Institution Search allows you to search for institutions based on their type (university or other higher education institution, TAFE institute or Registered Training Organisation) and their location. If you have a specific institution in mind then you can just type in the institution name. This search produces a full listing of relevant institutions, which leads to each institution's profile on the website. Visit the Institution Search page to try it out.

Q: How can students search for careers?

A: Students sorting through their career options can access the Career Search to look for a career based on either the job name or the field of work. Students can also choose a "type of work" (analytic or scientific, for example) as well as a skill level if they're not too sure which career is for them. There is also the option of browsing through our list of careers alphabetically. Each career profile includes a summary of the role, its duties and tasks, personal requirements, relevant courses in each state and territory, and links to related careers.

Q: How can students search for scholarships?

A: Students can find scholarships that they are eligible for using the Scholarships Search, which allows them to search for scholarships across Australia. Students can conduct their search based on the level of study, the scholarship provider, the location of study, the field of study, the support type and the target group. When a search is conducted, users are presented with a list of applicable scholarships. When clicked, they are led to an information page that describes the scholarship (including eligibility, annual amount and the application closing date). Additional information, such as how many scholarships of this type are on offer, is also provided.

Q: How can students find the right field of study for them?

A: The Fields of study section provides students with detailed information about the main fields of study offered by Australian tertiary institutions ” all 30 of them! Here, students can explore the fields of study that interest them and get a better idea of what they should look for when researching courses. Each field of study profile discusses the field at VET, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including the types of courses on offer, the institutions that offer them and how recent graduates of each field fared. If they're unsure about which field of study to choose or simply need more information about how courses fit into each field of study, this is the place to go. The field of study information can be found on the homepage, under the heading ˜Not sure what you want to study? ™.

Q: How can students use the ratings section?

A: The Ratings section is one of the key features of The Good Universities Guide. This section is powered by the same trusted, independent five-star ratings that are contained in The Good Universities Guide print publication. Students can see how higher education institutions rated on a number of factors, from student demand to teaching quality, and compare institutions against each other. Our educational experience and student outcomes ratings rely on data obtained from the graduates themselves through Graduate Careers Australia's Australian Graduate Survey. Students can also weigh up different fields of study using our field of study ratings, which show how each field of study stacks up against the others in terms of graduate employment, starting salaries and much more.

Q: Where can I find information about institution open days?

A: Our Open days page lists open days for many Australian institutions, including every Australian university, according to individual campuses. You will find institutions listed according to their state or territory. For further information about each institution's open day, just click on the links to be sent through to the institution's open day information on their website. This page is updated throughout the year as institutions begin to confirm their open days for the year.

Q: Where can I direct students at the very start of their research process?

A: The Study Information is where students can go to find out everything they need to know about tertiary study. Whether they want to know about the types of institutions and qualifications on offer, how to choose a course, how to get into a course, how to fund their education, what student life is like and what each state and territory has to offer in terms of living and studying, we've got it covered. Students can find information about studying in either the VET or higher education sector and at any study level, from apprenticeships and traineeships through to degrees.

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