Universities in Australia

There are 39 universities in Australia with campuses spread out across the country ” which is the right university for you?

With universities varying from government to private to Catholic, the options available to students is extensive. Balancing factors like teaching quality, costs, location, facilities and study modes are all crucial in deciding which university is best suited for you.

Different universities have varying strengths, whether it be for research, fields of study or industry connections. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to make sure the universities you're applying to meet you interests, needs and study requirements.

Deciding on what level of study you wish to undertake is another factor for consideration. Though universities primarily offer higher education qualifications, such as bachelor degrees, postgraduate certificates, postgraduate degrees, masters degrees and doctoral degrees, they also offer lower-level qualifications. These include associate degrees, diplomas and advanced diplomas, which can often be an excellent pathway option into a degree, or as stand alone qualifications. Certain universities also have TAFE departments, which offer Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications.

To get information about universities in your state ” what courses they offer, their students services, their campus facilities and more ” and then see how they rate and compare with other universities in Australia, click on the state buttons below.

Universities in the Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory has much to offer students, with a great lifestyle and a range of education providers covering all fields of study.

Universities in New South Wales

New South Wales, with its bustling cities and stunning coastline, offers students a great lifestyle and countless study options

Universities in the Northern Territory and South Australia

The Northern Territory is a great destination for students looking for a relaxed and tropical lifestyle, while also offering a broad range of courses, including some that are specific to the location.

Universities in the Northern Territory and South Australia

South Australia offers students a wide range of education providers and courses, as well as stunning natural landscapes and a beautiful coastline to keep you busy over weekends and semester breaks.

Universities in Queensland

Not only does Queensland offer fun in the sun, it also provides a huge range of education providers and courses, including a number of local specialties.

Universities in Tasmania

Although it is the smallest state, Tasmania has a lot to offer students. Whether you're after a quieter lifestyle or looking to study one of the state's specialties, you're sure to find an option that suits you.

Universities in Victoria

As any Victorian will tell you, there's plenty to see and do no matter where you go within the state. Adding to this, students can choose from a huge range of education providers and high-quality courses in just about any discipline.

Universities in West Australia

As Australia's largest state, occupying the entire western coastline, it's not surprising that Western Australia offers students the best of both worlds: a great lifestyle and a range of study options.

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