Air Force Officer

Air Force officers command, train and motivate Air Force airmen and airwomen for peacetime and wartime tasks. Air Force officers work at the middle and executive management levels within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Officers specialise in various areas depending on their training and qualifications.

Duties & Tasks

An Air Force officer may specialise as an/a:

  • Air Combat Officer - uses radar systems to detect enemy aircraft and provide fighter pilots with the tactics to intercept them and engage in combat.
  • Air Traffic Control Officer (Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller) - manages the safe flow of military and non-military aircraft around Air Force bases and military areas, assisting with flight planning, coordination and control.
  • Airfield Engineer Officer - manages, assesses, repairs and maintains the operation of Air Force airfields, roads, buildings and engineering services.
  • Dental Officer - treats and diagnoses tooth and mouth problems of Air Force personnel.
  • Environmental Health Officer - monitors pollution levels, advises on preventative health measures and develops policies and strategies for maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Medical Officer - provides health services for Air Force personnel in RAAF hospitals, first aid posts or in emergency situations.
  • Nursing Officer - provides care to Air Force patients and assists doctors with medical procedures in RAAF hospitals, remote locations or during medical evacuations.
  • Pilot - flies combat and support aircraft on a variety of missions and roles, conducts flying lessons and carries out planning and administrative duties.

Personal requirements

  • meet aptitude and medical requirements
  • willing to accept responsibility
  • ability to lead and motivate others
  • willing to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • at least 17 years of age
  • Australian citizenship.
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