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Fruit and vegetable pickers harvest fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries at farms, market gardens and orchards, and prepare produce for distribution.

General gardeners plant and care for trees, lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds in areas around public and private institutions, city squares, parks and gardens, playing fields, golf courses and bowling greens, as well as at private homes.

Guide dog mobility instructors train dogs to guide people who are blind or vision-impaired. They also train these people to use and care for a guide dog.

Horse trainers supervise the preparation of horses for thoroughbred or harness races, advise and consult with owners and instruct stable staff and jockeys/drivers. Horse trainers usually specialise in thoroughbreds for galloping races, standardbreds for pacing or trotting (harness) races, or performance horses for events, show jumping and dressage.

Horticultural assistants undertake a range of tasks involving the cultivation, growing, harvesting and maintenance of trees, plants and gardens.

Horticultural tradespersons maintain plants and planted areas, construct horticultural features and apply treatments to enhance plant growth and control pests.

Hydrologists measure, analyse and maintain the quantity and quality of water in rivers, lakes, stormwater and sewage. They use this information to plan and develop strategies for water conservation and the improvement of water quality.

Jackaroos (male workers) and jillaroos (female workers) undertake a range of activities on cattle and sheep stations.

Jockeys ride racehorses at race meetings, in trials and for exercise.

Landcare workers perform a range of tasks to maintain and restore native bushland and farmland.

Landscape architects plan and design land areas for projects such as parks, schools, roads, sports complexes, holiday resorts, shopping centres, national parks and playgrounds. Landscape architects may specialise in projects such as parks, playgrounds, roads or public housing. They may also specialise in types of services, such as regional planning and resource management, site selection, cost studies or site construction.

Landscape gardeners design and construct garden landscapes or renovate existing gardens. They use a wide range of gardening skills to create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Landscape gardeners work at a variety of sites, including public and private parks and gardens, indoor facilities and newly developed housing estates as well as industrial complexes. They may also construct fences, trellises, pergolas, ponds, ferneries, barbecue areas, play structures and garden furniture.

Livestock Farm Hands carry out a range of basic and specialist duties on livestock farms, including animal care and general maintenance. Depending on the industry and size of the operation, they may have more specialist tasks such as milking or shearing duties or administration. They work under limited supervision.

Livestock farmers plan, coordinate and perform farming operations to breed and raise livestock such as beef or dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry or other breeds.

Marine biologists study the origin, structure, functions and behaviour of all forms of life in the sea and connected estuaries, rivers and lakes, as well as their relationships with each other and the environment.

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