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Environmental scientists measure and record features of the environment and study, assess and develop methods of controlling or minimising the harmful effects of human activity on the environment.

Duties & Tasks
Environmental scientists may perform the following tasks:
  • plan and conduct research into the physical and biological nature of the environment
  • undertake laboratory work
  • monitor the environmental impacts of development activities
  • conduct research and prepare proposals to minimise the impact of industrial, agricultural and urban processes on the environment
  • develop conservation plans
  • investigate and report on breaches of environmental guidelines
  • run community education programmes
  • assist with environmental emergencies, such as chemical spills and accidents
  • analyse pollutants, identify their sources and assess their effects on the environment
  • monitor the effects of pollution and land degradation, and recommend ways of prevention and control
  • rehabilitate land, water and air affected by mining, logging, construction, degradation or pollution
  • research matters of immediate and long-term importance to governments and communities, such as the impact of land clearing on native animals and the impact of waste products on waterways
  • negotiate with, and provide advice to, industry, government and the public on environmental matters, such as the management, re-use or disposal of hazardous materials
  • assist with the development of environmental policies, strategies and codes of practice
  • conduct environmental audits.
  • Working conditions
    Environmental scientists usually work with a range of other professional and technical staff. The amount of indoor and outdoor work they do depends on the individual job.
    Personal requirements
  • a logical approach to problem-solving
  • aptitude for technical tasks
  • good communication skills
  • able to work as a part of a team.
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