How to become a Furniture Removalist

Furniture removalists move domestic and commercial furniture between different locations, within the state or territory and nationwide.

Personal requirements of a Furniture Removalist

  • Enjoy practical work
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Safe driving record
  • Able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • Good communication skills

Education & Training for a Furniture Removalist

You can work as a furniture removalist without formal qualifications. You will probably get informal training on the job. You can also become a furniture removalist through a traineeship. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.

Additional Information

You must hold the appropriate licences to drive vehicles and operate machinery. You may become an accredited furniture removalist with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). For more information, please contact the organisation.

Duties & Tasks of a Furniture Removalist

Furniture removalists:

  • inspect the house or office at the pick-up address to see what has to be moved, then pack and label items if required
  • load goods onto the truck either by hand or using a forklift, trolleys, lifting straps or lifting hooks
  • use pads and pieces of hessian to ensure items such as fridges, couches and beds are not damaged
  • ensure the load is correctly placed and secured to avoid any damage to the truck or to the goods
  • drive defensively and handle all types of road conditions
  • unload goods and move them into the drop-off address, unpacking if required
  • check items against inventory, noting any wear and tear or damage
  • conduct a general maintenance check of the truck and clean the vehicle
  • provide customer service.

Working conditions for a Furniture Removalist

Furniture removalists may work long hours and be away from home for extended periods, especially for interstate and international removals.

Employment Opportunities for a Furniture Removalist

Most furniture removalists work as contractors for large removal companies. Some are owner-operators working for themselves. A small number are company employees, although this is becoming increasingly rare. Most furniture removalists work in the metropolitan area.

Avg. weekly wage:


Future growth:


Employment by state:

ACT 0.7%

NSW 30.7%

NT 0.9%

QLD 22.9%

SA 7%

TAS 2.3%

VIC 23.1%

WA 12.4%

Hours worked:



Lower unemployment

Gender split:

Male 97%

Female 3%

Education level:

Not completed Year 10: 12.1%

Not completed Year 12: 37.2%

Highest qualification is secondary school: 16.6%

Highest qualification is a Certificate 3 or 4: 26.8%

Highest qualification is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma: 3.8%

Highest qualification is a Bachelor degree: 2.1%

Highest qualification is a Postgraduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate: 0.5%

Age brackets:

15-19 - 0.1%

20-24 - 6.1%

25-34 - 26.8%

35-44 - 22.6%

45-54 - 19.5%

55-59 - 8.2%

60-64 - 7.1%

65 and Over - 9.5%

*The data above is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

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