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Railway infrastructure workers work on the construction, maintenance and operation of railway infrastructure, including tracks, signalling equipment and buildings.

Real estate salespeople arrange the sale of land, residential properties (such as houses and flats), businesses, factories, shops and farms on behalf of the owners.

Receptionists act as the first point of contact in an organisation, greeting people and attending to enquiries made by phone or in person.

Records officers are responsible for the creation, storage, retrieval and disposal of all recorded information about an organisation's activities. Information can come in many formats, such as digital, photographic, film or paper. This information contributes to what is often called the 'corporate memory' of the organisation, without which an organisation could not function properly or be held accountable for its actions.

Recreation officers develop, support and coordinate sport and recreation programmes and services for the benefit of the community. Recreation officers may work at one of three levels: professional, technical or operative.• Professional officers work as planners, researchers, consultants, educators and administrators. • A technical officer's work may involve managing a leisure centre, community centre or sports complex. • Recreation officers work at the operative level as youth leaders and outdoor activity leaders. The three levels are not always clearly defined. The relevant responsibilities will vary considerably between different organisations and may overlap.

Recruitment consultants interview applicants to determine their job requirements and suitability for particular jobs, assess their training needs and help employers to find suitable staff. Recruitment consultants in private industry may also specialise; some may work primarily with office and clerical job seekers, while others work only with professional and executive level recruitment. It is possible to specialise by industry — for example, several consultancies recruit exclusively in the computer industry.

Recyclers collect, sort and handle a range of recyclable items such as paper, glass, metals and plastics that are then processed and prepared for resale.

Refrigeration and air conditioning draftspersons design and produce working drawings of mechanical systems for refrigeration and air conditioning systems within a building project so that they can be manufactured, constructed and installed.

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics select components, assemble, install, test, fault-find, service and repair industrial, commercial and domestic refrigeration and air conditioning systems in homes, shops, factories, office buildings, hospitals, supermarkets and cold stores.

Rehabilitation counsellors assist people with disability or medical conditions or who are experiencing social disadvantage to attain individual rehabilitation goals, including return to paid employment. They assist people with physical or psychological disabilities, refugees, ex-offenders, disadvantaged youth and those experiencing long-term unemployment.

Religious leaders are responsible for leading worship, and providing guidance and instruction to members of their faith, sect or tribe. They are also responsible for any associated administrative duties. The term 'religious leader' covers a range of titles and functions such as Aboriginal ceremonial celebrant, chaplain, imam, minister, missionary, monk, nun, pastor, priest, rabbi, religious brother/sister, religion teacher, religious counsellor and religious youth leader.

Research and development managers plan, administer and review the research and development program and activities of an organisation.

Research officers plan and conduct research into a variety of issues or areas.

Retail buyers purchase goods to be sold in retail stores. They may purchase goods locally, interstate or overseas. In large department stores, buyers may specialise in certain types of merchandise (textiles, fashion, hardware or toys, for example). In a national chain of stores, such specialist buyers may purchase merchandise for all stores or nominate brands to be stocked.

Retail managers plan and coordinate the operations of retail outlets, including small independently owned specialty shops, fast food restaurants, chain store outlets, supermarkets and department stores.

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