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Jockeys ride racehorses at race meetings, in trials and for exercise.

Duties & Tasks
Jockeys may perform the following tasks:
  • receive instructions from trainers and owners before races
  • ride horses during exercises, race trials and races
  • judge the abilities of each horse and the best tactics to use to win each race
  • discuss performance of horses with trainers after races or exercise gallops
  • report anything that may have affected the horse's performance in a race to stewards and other racing authorities
  • answer stewards' enquiries regarding the performance of their horse
  • study videotapes of races to improve their own performance and to determine the best way to ride certain horses, after discussion with the trainer
  • maintain their own riding equipment, including saddles and boots.
  • Working conditions
    A jockey's time is usually split between early morning trackwork and riding at race meetings. Apprentice jockeys often live at the stables and may initially be required to perform the same work as stablehands. Jockeys must pay careful attention to diet and exercise, as they have to keep their weight down.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy working with horses
  • light build
  • athletic, with a good sense of balance
  • steady nerves
  • competitive
  • age and weight limits apply.
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