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Sales Demonstrator

Sales representatives sell goods and services to industry, business and professional establishments, as well as to wholesale or retail outlets.

Duties & Tasks
Sales representatives may perform the following tasks:
  • visit clients to demonstrate use of products, show samples and take orders
  • arrange a schedule of visits to major potential buyers by contacting people and making appointments
  • develop and update knowledge of their own products and the products of their competitors
  • speak with other sales and marketing personnel in their company to determine the best methods of promoting products
  • establish customers' needs and explain and demonstrate products to them, which may involve providing technical descriptions of products and how they may be used
  • quote and negotiate prices and credit terms
  • prepare contracts and record orders
  • report to employers on sales and provide feedback about the marketing of new or established products
  • carry out formal presentations of products using videos and other training aids, attend promotional markets and organise product displays
  • work on telemarketing campaigns
  • plan and work towards meeting sales targets and budgets
  • use e-business technology.
  • Working conditions
    Sales representatives spend a lot of time travelling from one location to another, including country and interstate locations. Meeting sales targets and budgets can be stressful.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy working with people
  • friendly and confident manner with a pleasant personality
  • able to work without direct supervision
  • able to clearly present product and service information
  • good personal presentation
  • excellent communication skills.
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