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Sports Commentator

Professional sportspeople earn all or part of their living through participating in sporting events, either as individuals or as members of a team.

Duties & Tasks
Professional sportspeople may perform the following tasks:
  • maintain a high degree of expertise in their particular sport
  • attend regular practice sessions and undertake private training to maintain the required standard of fitness
  • take part in scheduled sporting competitions
  • repair sporting equipment or organise its repair
  • undertake sports promotional activities, demonstrations and television appearances
  • coach individuals, groups and/or teams by demonstrating techniques and supervising practice.
  • Working conditions
    Most sportspeople compete as amateurs (unpaid) until they reach a sufficiently high standard to be offered payment for their performance.
    Personal requirements
  • physically fit
  • dedicated to attaining and maintaining a high standard of skill and endurance in a particular sport
  • good communication skills for promotional work
  • willing to travel.
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