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Stunt Performer

Stunt performers undertake dangerous or difficult acts for the purpose of entertainment, including replacing film actors in dangerous scenes. They strive to achieve the greatest visual impact with minimum safety risk.

Duties & Tasks
Stunt performers may perform the following tasks:
  • jump from high buildings
  • drive cars and motorcycles at fast speeds and crash vehicles
  • perform fighting scenes, incorporating martial arts, wrestling or boxing moves
  • perform flying or falling stunts with the assistance of ropes, harnesses, parachutes, trampolines and crash mats
  • enter flaming buildings or set themselves on fire (using safety procedures)
  • perform stunts on horses, boats, trucks and water skis
  • perform stunts in and under water involving swimming, diving and a wide range of water sports
  • check scripts in regard to safety aspects and provide safety reports
  • oversee performers on set and provide advice or help with safety.
  • Working conditions
    Stunt performers carry out acts that look spectacular or appear dangerous, using timing and props to minimise risks. It takes experience and a lot of time to work out a logical procedure for executing stunt work.par Stunt work can be physically demanding and may require a lot of time spent in uncomfortable positions or places, such as underwater or underground. Hours can be long and varied (particularly for film work), and early starts and late finishes are common.
    Personal requirements
  • quick reflexes and flexibility
  • good eyesight (may be corrected)
  • a sense of timing
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • responsible attitude towards safety.
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