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Therapy Aide

Therapy aides assist professional staff by visiting clients, preparing written and verbal reports, and helping clients and carers with personal care tasks.

Duties & Tasks
Therapy aides may perform the following tasks:
  • provide general care, comfort and ongoing therapy to patients as directed
  • assist patients with recreational and leisure activities
  • instruct and assist people with a disability with self-care and daily living activities
  • assist patients with performing routine physiotherapy or hydrotherapy exercises on an individual or group basis
  • report on action taken, client progress and any unusual circumstances.
  • Working conditions
    Therapy aides are not qualified to diagnose conditions or prescribe treatment. They work under the direction of professional staff such as physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, diversional therapists and social workers.
    Personal requirements
  • emotional maturity
  • able to relate well to frail, sick or people with disability of all ages
  • caring, understanding, patient and calm.
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