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Valuers assess land, property and other items such as commercial equipment and objects of art, and provide advice about the administration and commercial use of land and property.

Duties & Tasks
Valuers may perform the following tasks:
  • examine items and select appropriate methods of evaluation
  • calculate values by considering market supply and demand, condition of items, future trends and other factors (location, size, topography, zoning legislation, and the availability of services, such as transport, community facilities and parking, in the case of real estate, for example)
  • submit written assessments of value
  • provide consultancy advice about valuation matters
  • give evidence in legal proceedings and mediate valuation matters
  • provide rental valuations for arbitration purposes.
  • Working conditions
    Valuations are made for many different purposes, such as rating and taxing, finance, financial reporting, investment, insurance, rental, sale and purchase. A significant proportion of a valuer's time is also spent writing reports. A valuer's competence is largely judged on the quality and thoroughness of a report.
    Personal requirements
  • good character and reputation
  • good communication skills
  • reasonable ability in mathematics
  • sound judgment and good analytical skills.
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