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Confectioners mix, shape and cook sweeteners and other ingredients to produce confectionery, including chocolate, toffee and other lollies.

Conservators plan, organise and undertake the preservation and conservation of materials and objects in private, public and community collections, including libraries, archives, museums, art galleries, art centres, and historical and archaeological sites. Conservators specialise in a range of areas, including paper, paintings, photographs, social and cultural artefacts, bookbinding and archives, furniture, archaeological materials, buildings and historic sites, outdoor sculpture and large technology objects, textiles and preventative conservation.

Construction managers are responsible for organising, overseeing and coordinating the construction of building projects and the resources involved in the process.

Construction managers are responsible for coordinating the construction of large building projects such as hotels, factories, office blocks, home unit developments, schools, hospitals and housing developments.

Construction workers assist on building and construction sites by doing a range of manual labouring jobs. Construction workers may help erect rigging or structural frameworks to allow construction to occur safely and efficiently.

Consultant physicians (specialists) use specialist medical techniques to investigate, diagnose and treat human disorders and diseases.

Contact centre operators answer customer enquiries about products and services and promote an organisation's goods and services through various channels, including telephone, SMS and email.

Conveyancers prepare the documentation required for the purchase and sale of real estate and attend to property settlements. Conveyancers must have a sound knowledge of land law, land division, surveying, property development, property management, strata administration, insurance, taxation, business analysis, investment and contracts.

The range of duties carried out by cooks varies depending on where they work. In hotels, clubs, restaurants and takeaway food outlets, cooks often specialise in preparing and cooking a particular type of food (fried chicken, pizza or barbecued meat, for example). They may also specialise in national cuisine (such as Thai, Vietnamese, French or Italian). Other specialisations include entrees, desserts, international and bakery cooking.

Copywriters interpret how a potential market will react to an advertising proposal, and write material to advertise products or services. With experience, and sometimes further training, copywriters may become creative directors in advertising agencies where they supervise the work of staff in the design area, or advertising managers in retail or manufacturing firms.

Correctional officers are responsible for the custody, care, supervision, welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners in prisons and correctional centres. Correctional officers may specialise in areas such as dog squads, prison industries, offender programmes and field supervision of offenders on worksites outside the prison.

Outdoor council workers are employed by local government bodies to construct and maintain roads, footpaths, gutters, flood controls, fire controls, drainage, sewerage, water mains, parks and gardens, and to dispose of rubbish.

Counsellors assist people to identify and define their emotional issues and better understand themselves by explaining options, setting goals, providing therapy and helping them to take action. Counsellors may specialise in working with a particular group, such as people from non-English-speaking backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or single parents. Alternatively, they may specialise in a service area such as health, drug and alcohol problems, accommodation, relationships, employment, grief and loss, stress management, child development or abuse issues.

Court officers assist in the effective operation of courts.

Coxswains manage the operation of small commercial marine vessels, such as fishing boats, ferries, water taxis, jet boats, yachts, catamarans and tourist craft.

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