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Vending machine servicers maintain, repair and replenish machines that dispense goods such as drinks, confectionery and tickets.

Veterinarians diagnose, treat and help to prevent disease and injury in animals. They advise on measures to prevent the occurrence or spread of diseases and on ways to improve the health and productivity of animals, and supervise safety standards on food supplies.

Veterinary nurses provide support to veterinarians in the management and care of animals receiving medical and surgical treatment.

A video game designer/developer designs the core elements of video games, including role mechanics, story-lines and characters.

Visual merchandisers develop floor plans and three-dimensional displays of goods and services in order to maximise sales and profit. These include window displays, interior point-of-sale displays and special promotions.

Viticulturists plan, supervise and coordinate the growing of selected grape varieties for the production of wine, dried fruit or table grapes.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) lecturers teach vocational courses connected with specific industries and areas of work to help people enter or re-enter the workforce.

Waiters serve food and drinks to guests in hotels, restaurants, clubs and similar establishments.

Wall and ceiling liners make, apply and fix the internal and external linings of commercial and domestic buildings. These linings may include office partitions, non-structural walls and ceilings.

Ward assistants help allied health professionals and staff in hospitals and other healthcare establishments with non-medical duties including housekeeping, food service and transportation, and ward, patient and office support.

Watch and clock repairers clean, repair and adjust mechanical and electronic timepieces.

Water and wastewater plant operators control the pumping of water for supply and storage. They treat water to purify it or to remove waste in order to meet various national standards.

Water services officers are responsible for planning, controlling and delivering water for purposes such as irrigation, commercial, stock and domestic usage.

Waterside workers stack, check and secure contents of shipping containers prepared for storage or dispatch.

Web developers design, create, produce and maintain websites using relevant software packages.

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