How to become an Entertainer

Entertainers captivate, amuse or thrill an audience with dramatic, musical and other performances. They may perform a variety of tasks depending on their area of expertise.

Personal requirements for an Entertainer

  • Flair for entertainment
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to concentrate for long periods
  • Self-confidence, motivation, dedication and determination
  • Stamina to perform at peak level.

Duties & Tasks of an Entertainer

Entertainers may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Create acts and performance routines
  • Develop a special character such as a clown or fairy
  • Practise the act
  • Dress in costumes to suit the act
  • Perform acts to entertain audiences
  • Perform illusions and tricks
  • Operate a puppet or puppets
  • Tell jokes and perform comical acts
  • Undertake dangerous acts.

Working conditions for an Entertainer

Entertainers must be prepared to work irregular hours and spend long periods practising and rehearsing. Some entertainers work in areas unrelated to entertaining to support themselves financially.


Children's Entertainer

A children's entertainer entertains children by performing tricks and routines, including dancing, acting, music, stunts, magical illusions, storytelling and juggling. Children's entertainers may perform as a character, such as a clown or fairy, using a variety of styles, or they may specialise in one particular type of performance.

Circus Performer

A circus performer undertakes captivating acts in order to entertain an audience, such as acrobatics, humour and feats of strength. They perform either solo or as a member of a group. Some acts are potentially dangerous or physically strenuous. Circus performers aim to achieve the greatest visual impact with the smallest safety risk.


A magician makes objects and people appear, vanish, transform and move by performing illusions that seem impossible to their audience. Magicians use 'sleight of hand' (skillful manipulation of objects), misdirection (diverting the audience's attention away from a crucial manoeuvre) and special equipment to achieve the effect of magic.


A puppeteer/ventriloquist entertains an audience by operating a puppet or puppets to create characters. Puppeteers and ventriloquists control puppets and props through the use of strings, rods and wires or simply by using their own hands. They may perform solo or as a member of a group to create characters and stories.


A comedian entertains an audience by telling jokes and performing satirical or comical acts. There are many types of comedians, including clowns, mimes and stand-up. Comedians may perform using a variety of styles, or they may specialise in one particular comic style.

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