How to become a Museum Attendant

Museum Attendant

Museum attendants work in the public spaces of museums, greeting visitors and attending to enquiries, and ensuring the protection of exhibits.

Personal requirements for a Museum Attendant

  • Interested in museums or art galleries
  • Able to process large amounts of information
  • Outgoing and friendly nature
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to handle groups of people with ease

Education & Training for a Museum Attendant

You can work as a museum attendant without formal qualifications. You will probably get some informal training on the job. Employers usually prefer those who can demonstrate a genuine interest in the collection. Carrying out volunteer work may improve employment prospects.You can also become a museum attendant through an apprenticeship or traineeship. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.

Duties & Tasks of a Museum Attendant

Museum attendants:

  • Conduct tours of museums or galleries
  • Answer enquiries
  • Direct visitors to specific exhibits
  • Give visitors information about exhibits
  • Control visitors' access to exhibits
  • Check that all visitors have departed at closing time
  • Prevent unauthorised entry
  • Inspect membership cards, admission passes and tickets
  • Patrol the museum or gallery to ensure security.


  • Arranges entry to places of interest.
  • Plans, organises and conducts tours.
  • May assist with installing and dismantling exhibits.
  • Meets and greets visitors.
  • Answers questions, provides commentaries, issues brochures and tour literature, shows audio-visual presentations, and explains components and procedures at tour sites.
  • Controls visitors' access to exhibits.

Working conditions for a Museum Attendant

Museum attendants generally work indoors but may be required to travel with exhibitions and displays.

Employment Opportunities for a Museum Attendant

Museum attendants are employed in a variety of roles, usually by a museum, but they can also work in other institutions such as galleries, universities or other cultural institutions. Many people volunteer as a museum attendant prior to obtaining paid employment.


Museum Attendant

Museum attendants work in the public spaces of museums, greeting visitors and attending to enquiries, and ensuring the protection of exhibits.

  • Average age
    Average age
    37 years
  • Future Growth
    Future Growth
    Very strong
  • Gender Share
    Gender Share
    70% female
  • Average full-time
    Average full-time
    40 hours
  • Weekly Pay
    Weekly Pay
  • Skill level rating
    Skill level rating
    Lower skill
  • Unemployment
    Lower unemployment
  • Full-Time Share
    Full-Time Share
    29% Full-Time
  • Employment Size
    Employment Size
    1,200 workers
  • Employment Size
    Employment by state
    ACT: 12.4%
    NSW: 28.8%
    NT: 2.1%
    QLD: 17.1%
    SA: 3.0%
    TAS: 8.4%
    VIC: 19.5%
    WA: 8.4%
  • Employment Size
    Age brackets
    15-19: 2.6%
    20-24: 13%
    25-34: 30.3%
    35-44: 15.9%
    45-54: 15.9%
    55-59: 8.4%
    60-64: 5.6%
    65 and Over: 8.2%
  • Employment Size
    Education level
    Advanced Diploma/Diploma: 10%
    Bachelor degree: 40.3%
    Certificate III/IV: 7.1%
    Post Graduate/Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate: 18.6%
    Year 10 and below: 4.8%
    Year 11: 2.9%
    Year 12: 16.4%
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