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The Australian National University (ANU) is a world-leading centre for education and research. Ranked #1 in Australia and #20 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2017-18), ANU is further distinguished by an outstanding record for student satisfaction and graduate employability. 

ANU is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. 

Our ranking and reputation draws students and staff from across Australia and around the globe, creating a vibrant and diverse community where everyone can feel at home. 

Around 5,000 students live on campus in catered or self-catered residential halls and lodges; a much greater proportion than at any other Australian university.

Both live-in and day students take full advantage of our cafes and bistros for socialising, sport and recreational facilities for healthy timeout, and of course our state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities.

We continue to future-proof our facilities through renewal and investment. For example, in partnership with the Australian Government, we’ll soon add a National Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Precinct to our $220M Science Precinct which opened in 2014.

Our academic staff are world leaders in their fields. They don’t teach from textbooks, they write them. They lead scientific discoveries, make technological advances and unearth our secret histories.  

ANU is known for its high staff-to-student ratio, so you will get to know your teachers and they will get to know you too.

At ANU, our award-winning and innovative degree programs put you in the driver’s seat and prepare you for jobs of the future. We are ranked #1 in Australia and #20 in the world for graduate employability (QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2017-18). When you graduate, your education, experiences and achievements at ANU will help you stand out in the global job market.

You can choose from single degrees, Flexible Double Degrees, Flexible Vertical Double Degrees and research-intensive degrees; all designed so you can tailor your studies to suit your strengths, passions and career aspirations. 

As Australia’s only national university, we have unique relationships with government, business and other leading institutions around the globe. This gives you opportunities to gain real-world experience through internships in Australia and overseas, for example, through the Australian National Internships Program. You can also check out our international award-winning internship program for business and economics students.  

ANU is the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities with our partners Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Peking, Tokyo, Cape Town and Copenhagen universities, ETH Zurich, the National University of Singapore, and Berkeley, California.    

Adding an international dimension to your studies is easy with exchange and study abroad opportunities available through over 170 ANU partners worldwide. 

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2017 Australian National University ANU Scholarships

The scholarships listed below have been sourced from Australian National University ANU for 2017.
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Description The scholarship is awarded annually to up to 2 candidates within the Research School of Earth Sciences. At least one scholarship is reserved for a candidate who did not complete their Bachelor degree at ANU.
Eligibility Applicants must: be Australian or New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents; be undertaking the fourth year of the Bachelor of Science Honours program; be interested in undertaking an research project in the Research School of Earth Sciences; and have majored in physics, chemistry, mathematics, earth and marine sciences, or materials science.
Annual amount $10,000
Application closing date 30 November
Support types Scholarship,
Level of study Undergraduate,
Gender Co-Ed
Frequency of offer Annual
Length of support 1 years
Field of study
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences

2018 The Australian National University Ratings and Rankings

These ratings for The Australian National University were published in The Good Universities Guide 2018. Data is sourced from graduates four months post-graduation and other public sources.

Top 20% in AUS

Outside top 20% in AUS

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Rating Types University Ratings Field of Study Ratings
Social Equity 4.00%
Staff Qualification 95.00%
Student Demand
L: 0% M: 70% H: 30%
Student Retention 8.00%
Student:Teacher Ratio 15:1
Learner Engagement 60.00%
Learning Resources 82.90%
Overall Experience 79.90%
Skills Development 77.40%
Student Support 64.50%
Teaching Quality 82.00%
Full-Time Employment 70.00%
Starting Salary $58,800

Name: Shaneika


“I'm in my second year at ANU and I'm studying Criminology and International Security Studies in a Flexible Double Degree.

Before I came to ANU - I'm from Sydney originally - I had an idea of what it might be like. Coming to ANU Open Day reinforced my perception that it was a close-knit community. ANU seemed like one big family, and I felt that I would fit in here.

Open Day really helped me decide what I wanted to do at uni. I saw a presentation on Criminology, and I ran into Dr Jason Payne (Senior Lecturer in Criminology), who really sold me on the subject. I also met someone from the ANU College of Asia Pacific who suggested International Security Studies would be a good pairing with Criminology in a double degree.

Coming to ANU Open Day was the biggest factor for me in my decision to come to ANU. Mum and Dad weren't keen about me moving, but I thought if I showed them the uni, they might change their minds. They'd see it's not so far away. They'd experience the residential side of it and get a sense of the community here ... get to meet the lecturers and academics ... see that it's a great place to be. Afterwards, my mum came back and said "I can see this working ..."

In Sydney, I found I could do Criminology at one uni, and International Security Studies at another, but at ANU I could do both!

Now I live in a six-share apartment in Warrumbul at UniLodge. You're never entirely on your own so you don't get lonely - and there's always someone to let you in if you forget your key! UniLodge run programs to help bring everyone together like Warrumbul Wednesdays, and doughnut and Milo nights.

I met someone from the Northern Territory last week. I can finally say I know someone from every state ... I'm not sure I would have found that at a university in Sydney. ANU is kind of like a meeting place - I guess that's why it's in Canberra!

I have ideas about what I want to do when I finish studying.  Once upon a time I wanted to join the Police Force, but my mum was insistent that I go to uni and have something to fall back on. With my qualifications, maybe I will work alongside the Police Force instead. At the moment, I'm interested in drug and human-trafficking ... so that's currently where my head is at.”

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