• Charlie Johnson-King
    Charlie Johnson-King

    Charlie Johnson-King

    Bachelor of Agriculture

    “As a student who stayed away from scientific subjects in school, the subjects in the first year of my Bachelor of Agriculture were ones I never believed I could’ve completed, but the environment at the University of Melbourne encouraged a level of learning I didn’t know I was capable of. The support of teachers and students pushed me to not only pass the subjects but complete them at a higher level.

    I spent my first summer break from university in New Zealand working on a deer genetics farm, and my coursework was not only put to use but put into perspective as I would often find myself connecting the dots between the academic knowledge I’d learned at university and the practical knowledge learned on farm.”

  • Hope Barry

    Hope Barry

    Bachelor of Commerce, Majors in Management and Marketing

    “Through studying the Bachelor of Commerce I have been able to discover what I am passionate about and gain the skills and experience that prepare me for the working world. I have gained a broad range of business skills that help me understand not only the areas I am interested in but the environment they exist in.

    The university also offers to better yourself outside the classroom; whether that be by volunteering, being involved in a sport, competing in case competitions and attending networking events, forums and information sessions.”

    Hope Barry
  • Nathania Camargo
    Nathania Camargo

    Nathania Camargo

    Bachelor of Music, specialisation in Music Performance

    “Studying and working with fellow musicians who are equally as driven in their art has inspired me to work harder. In 2018 I was honored to be part of the University’s Symphony Orchestra tour which traveled to both Shanghai and Singapore. The opportunity was not only exciting but beneficial as it allowed us to experience life as travelling orchestral musicians and the honor of performing in world class venues like Singapore’s Esplanade.”

  • Tearkari Williams

    Tearkari Williams

    “If you want to ideate, create or innovate, you have to be agile in your thinking. The different combination of breadth fields such as the mix of moviemaking, programming and music has expanded my creative outlook, diversified my thinking and sharpened how I problem-solve and apply my creativity.

    Be open. The University of Melbourne is a dynamic incubator of like-minded and diverse thinkers - take time to get to know the talented people who are here. This is a period in your life where you are invited to uncover, cultivate and push your limitations, and is also a time to redefine or reassert your (creative) identity.”
    Tearkari Williams
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