• Jared Hoffman
    Jared Hoffman

    Jared Hoffman

    "I started learning languages for fun and got hooked on the interesting grammar and fascinating cultural knowledge. I study Spanish in my Bachelor of Arts and Japanese in my Diploma in Languages. I really love learning languages as it’s a constant challenge and joy, and it gives you access to different ways of thinking, which is very valuable. Learning new languages opens doors all over the world, not just with employers but also socially and for travel.

    I am interested in doing something political and I want to work somewhere where I can help facilitate smooth cooperation across borders of language and culture. Language learning and the international understanding that comes with it will be increasingly important in a globalised world."

  • Ellie-Grace Mooney

    Ellie-Grace Mooney

    “I am a huge advocate of the Melbourne Model and believe it is suitable for both students like me who have a career pathway in mind, and also for those who are still unsure. The Melbourne Model allows you to choose from a wide variety of subjects not only in your course but also in other streams. It also gives you lots of flexibility to travel, complete part of your degree overseas and gain important real-life experience before your graduate degree and entering the workforce.”

    Ellie-Grace Mooney
  • Saran Kim
    Saran Kim

    Saran Kim

    “Over time, I realised that the best aspect of my experience at Melbourne has been building connections with peers, academic staff and the faculty staff members. I’ve been fortunate to have such a wonderful group of friends who are passionate about design, and I’ve learnt so much from studying with them.

    The network of people I got to know is an intangible gift that I received from studying at the University of Melbourne. I believe it’s as valuable as what I actually studied.”

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