• Christopher Prawira
    Christopher Prawira

    Christopher Prawira

    Bachelor of Design

    I knew that I wanted to pursue design, but I had no idea what to major in. I took a range of subjects from architecture to landscape to urban planning, but realised none of those were (a good) fit for me. It’s great that I was able to take a range of classes from different disciplines and finally choose the one that felt right. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation and time, and that’s okay! There is no rush to figure everything out instantly.

    There is a strong sense of solidarity and comradery among university students. Even though I’m far away from home, I’ve never felt lonely in Melbourne.

  • Sonya Chong

    Sonya Chong

    Bachelor of Arts

    After studying politics and criminology for three years, I’ve learned how often these two areas of interest intersect with (each) other. Within both fields, I’ve studied how legislation affects our global community, the nation state and individuals on a personal scale.

    Most importantly, what I love most about my course is the flexibility... Through the Melbourne curriculum, I am encouraged to cultivate interests outside my core majors, and have really enjoyed exploring theatre, screen studies and music in my elective and breadth subjects.

    Sonya Chong
  • Georgia Cleaver
    Georgia Cleaver

    Georgia Cleaver

    Bachelor of Science

    The thing I have loved most about my studies at Melbourne so far has been the freedom to study the things I’m actually passionate about! I’ve had the opportunity to learn about things like the Earth’s past climates, how climate models work and how extreme weather phenomena occur, which I find super interesting.

    In the future, I hope to work in climate science in one form or another, whether that be in science communication, research, policy development or teaching.

  • Trinity Duffield-Pugsley

    Trinity Duffield-Pugsley

    Bachelor of Commerce

    Coming out of high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with myself career-wise, but I knew I was really interested in pursuing a commerce degree. I’m a people-person who’s always oriented towards working and being with other people and going into marketing was a great way to appeal to that – since the discipline is ultimately about understanding, connecting, and engaging with people in a business sense.

    The highlight of the Melbourne BCom for me has been the people that I’ve met, whether it be through subjects or involvement in a student society. Marketing within the BCom is very much oriented towards group work, hands-on discussion, and practical application – the vast majority of assignments revolve around creating a business/marketing plan or campaign for a real business case.

    Trinity Duffield-Pugsley
  • Tushar Ramesh
    Tushar Ramesh

    Tushar Ramesh

    Bachelor of Agriculture

    To me, the study of agriculture is fundamentally a study of the preservation and conservation of all that is around us - both the heritage of our landscapes, but also our civilizations and cultures.

    Melbourne stood out to me because the Dookie campus was an integrated part of the degree. The opportunity to spend 6 months to a year of my degree on-farm and gain a hands-on understanding of what is involved in agronomy and crop science is something other institutions did not offer. For someone coming from an urban background with very little exposure to life in agriculture, it was a chance to fill up a knowledge and experiential deficit.

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