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Police Officer - State

Police officers protect the community from crime and disorder by providing services to uphold the law, protect life and property, preserve the peace, prevent crime, detect and apprehend offenders, and help those in need of assistance.

Duties & Tasks
Police officers may perform the following tasks:
  • promote crime prevention and undertake community policing activities to improve the quality of community life
  • patrol assigned areas on foot or in vehicles to check security of property and watch for unusual activity
  • apprehend law breakers
  • investigate criminal offences and question suspicious people about their activities
  • gather information about crimes and accidents by talking to victims and witnesses and taking notes and statements in writing
  • direct and re-route traffic at congested areas
  • respond to citizens' complaints and attend scenes of disturbances and reported illegal activities
  • guard prisoners
  • detain and search suspects for weapons, stolen goods or drugs
  • work with ambulance, firefighting and defence force personnel to control emergency situations such as floods, bomb threats and chemical spills
  • assist injured and distressed people and search for missing or lost people
  • carry out routine clerical work
  • issue infringement notices for traffic offences
  • attend special events (such as football matches) and control crowds where necessary
  • give evidence in court from previously prepared briefs and notes
  • perform random breath tests of drivers to detect those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • secure crime and accident scenes, and locate or obtain evidence for analysis
  • give sympathetic, constructive and reassuring assistance and feedback to victims of crime.
  • Working conditions
    All newly appointed police officers are initially required to perform station and patrol duties.par Police officers are required to work shifts, including weekends and public holidays, and serve in any part of the relevant state or territory.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy helping people
  • able to stay calm in difficult situations
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • tolerant of people from all backgrounds and cultures
  • honest and reliable
  • willing to accept responsibility
  • socially mature with a degree of mental toughness
  • able to analyse and solve problems
  • have an acceptable traffic/criminal record
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency
  • able to satisfy medical requirements.
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