How to become a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialists formulate and sustain the ICT database management and security systems for organisations to ensure their online procedures perform reliably and efficiently, while remaining properly secured.

Personal requirements for a Cyber Security Specialist

  • Good communication skills
  • Able to spot and resolve problems
  • Able to reason and problem solve
  • Good presentation skills
  • Good written comprehension and expression skills
  • Able to organise large amounts of information
  • Professional and ethical
  • Discretion when dealing with confidential data
  • Able to work well in a team or individually

Education & Training for a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialists usually require a bachelor or postgraduate degree in associated information technology fields such as systems administration, network design or database management. Prerequisites can vary between institutions, so contact your chosen institution for more information.Some Cyber Security Specialists also complete VET courses for certain ICT and network management skills that can benefit a bachelor degree. However, other specialists prefer to start with an undergraduate degree and then continue into a postgraduate or master’s degree in Cyber Security. These courses usually require at least a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education as well as prerequisite subjects or knowledge in English, IT and mathematics. Contact the institutions you are interested in for more information.For further details, visit .

Additional information

As Cyber Security is a very high-growing industry, opportunities to work abroad and in versatile environments is increasingly likely. Certain postgraduate courses may allow students to complete higher honours in Cyber Security and achieve professional membership of chartered groups such as Information Technology Professionals Association (ITPA), The Australian Computer Society or the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). Eligibility for membership varies and may require certain work experience or qualifications. Check organisation websites for further information.

Duties & Tasks of a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialists:

  • Create and maintain database and data structures, tables and naming conventions to ensure the accuracy of data master files
  • Establish and perform preventative measures such as backups and recovery systems to enforce security
  • Develop database documentation, guidelines and procedures
  • Test database upgrades and systems, including debugging, tracking and logging, according to quality testing procedures
  • Communicate with security providers to install and review software security applications
  • Diagnose and resolve software malfunctions and server
  • Related hardware
  • Design computer sites that allows for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Record operational logs on systems by constantly checking for enhancements or issues
  • Assume responsibility for the systems and security procedures implemented on the organisation’s database

Working conditions for a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialists may work individually but usually work in a group or team, depending on the size of the organisation and their systems. Cyber Security Specialists in private companies may have a high level of public or third-party contact due to liaising with database security providers.

Employment Opportunities for a Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialists can work in a wide range of environments, including universities, retail store chains, government organisations, finance companies, banks, real estate firms and recruiting agencies. Cyber Security Specialists usually work indoors within a team, and can be employed full-time or on contract by many organisations.


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