• Stephen Colbran
    Stephen Colbran

    Stephen Colbran

    We’ve developed a new degree program that’s really attractive and modern – the Bachelor of Science (Criminology and Psychology). These two fields are such a natural fit and putting it in one degree gives students the ability to combine both fields, and then go straight out into the employment market.

    The big advantage is it’s going to be taught face-to-face in regional areas, places like Townsville, Rockhampton and Bundaberg, where it hasn’t been in the past. People would usually have to travel to a capital city to do it. It’s also going to be taught online right across Australia.

    Crime scene investigations, analysing crime scenes and profiling criminals are areas of interest to a lot of people. Those who find these fields interesting would, I think, appreciate this degree and set themselves up for roles in fields like protective services, customs, the police force and other government departments, security organisations and in private security.

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  • Beatrix King

    Beatrix King

    Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (Honours)

    I wanted a job that allows me to get out every day, to go onsite and see how things are physically going, as well as doing the theory and paperwork side.

    For me personally, not having to be on campus was a positive thing because I needed to be able to work as well. And since I work all year ‘round, I figured I may as well study all year ‘round as well. Studying over summer in Term 3 cuts about a year off my degree.

    CQUniversity offers a much easier path to qualification than the otherunisI looked into. There were a couple of other people in our office studying at different institutions but they’ve all moved across toCQUnibecause it’s a simpler path to completing the degree and becoming accredited.

    Studying at CQUniversity is a great way to get ahead of the game.

    Beatrix King
  • Dan O'Connor
    Dan O'Connor

    Dan O'Connor

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    I moved from Victoria to Bundaberg to do the course because it’s one of the best physio courses in Australia.

    I really liked the idea of the small class sizes and one-on-one learning. You get to know your lecturers and they all know you by name, you really develop a friendship with them and gain great networking opportunities.

    Having people trust you to help them get better and get back to their previous level of function is very rewarding for me, and it’s great to see them achieve their goals. After graduation I look forward to being able to eventually open my own private practice. 

    CQUniversity has equipped me to achieve my goals. You’re taught by people with 20 to 30 years’ clinical experience who are able to teach you the little bits and bobs that you can’t get out of a textbook, and most otherunisdon’t offer that.
  • Liam Bromilow

    Liam Bromilow

    Sport science appealed to me because it was a way to combine my love of sports with a research and knowledge base. The opportunity to study via distance attracted me. I was able to study online at my own pace and fit it around my family and my schedule, so it was a win-win. I could still work full time and study as well.

    The great thing is it’s a smaller university so through all your study the lecturer actually knows your name, and a lot of the course is very hands-on. The lecturers and staff at CQUni were some of the best in the field in exercise science, and that was a really positive fit for me. To be able to speak with them and learn from them straight from the starting blocks was really rewarding. Without their approachability I don’t think the university would be what it is.

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    Liam Bromilow
  • Tanya Orman
    Tanya Orman

    Tanya Orman

    I am a Birri and Guugu Yimidhirr woman from North Queensland. I have always been passionate about stories, particularly those with little attention.

    I was familiar with CQUniversity as I had visited my older sister and brother who had attended. By the time I began my degree, I felt like I belonged on the Rockhampton campus. The services on offer, namely the Indigenous Unit, made me feel supported and like I was at home.

    In 2007, I was invited to be one of the first Commissioning Editors for National Indigenous Television Ltd (NITV). Four years later, I became NITV’s Channel Manager and led the organisation’s transition into the SBS network, and launch as a free-to-air channel. I was one of the youngest television executives in Australia and one of a handful of Aboriginal women in a leadership role in media.

    My success is a direct result of my hard work and confidence gained from CQUniversity.

    Find out more about Tanya and her CQUni experience here.

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