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Name: Louis Clarke

Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Construction Engineering)

“I find engineering fascinating, and civil engineering in particular has massive potential when applied in a humanitarian capacity. I enjoy applying theoretical knowledge in a construction environment to help build a better world.

“While technical knowledge is always important, the ‘engineering mindset’ is an invaluable tool that is applicable across fields and in an ever-changing world. The work experience I’ve completed as a co-founder of Humanitarian Engineering International Placements has been fantastic.

“Putting theory into practice is very useful in illustrating and understanding concepts, but the motivation that comes from knowing I’m being propelled towards a dynamic and meaningful career is the most valuable thing I’ve taken away from the experience. In the future, I wish to continue my work in the field of humanitarian engineering. I enjoy the stimulation and challenges of engineering, and the satisfaction of knowing that my work is actively improving the world.”

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