The Institute for Social Neuroscience (ISN Psychology) offers a unique path to your career in psychology, particularly in the clinical sector. 

Whether you have just finished Year 12, are part way through an undergraduate degree, or are looking for a place in Psychology Honours or Masters, enrolling at ISN allows you to learn and explore in an environment that is all about intellectual curiosity and freedom of expression.

You will study in a tertiary college that specialises in psychology, where no other faculties compete for funds and resources. With clinical placements on-site and access to organisations like the Florey Institute, you will learn in a highly immersive environment.

ISN is located in the prestigious Heidelberg medical precinct, only 300 metres from public transport and the Burgundy Street cafés, restaurants and shops.

New paradigms in mental health diagnostics and treatment

As a graduate of ISN, you will be one of few to have explored social neuroscience, a multidisciplinary field that promises to revolutionise the delivery of psychological and mental health services.

Not only can findings from social neuroscience be applied to health, they can also be used to predict and explain human behaviour and social processes in ways that could be used in social welfare, urban planning, environmental management, education, business management and many other fields of endeavour.

In short, enrolling at ISN not only gives you a unique pathway to a psychology degree, it also gives you a broad understanding of human nature and its application to the world of the future.


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) -  Year 1 – 4 / Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) - Year 4

The course structure is based on eight full-time semesters

(each of 12 weeks’ duration), with four units taught in each semester. It comprises:

• Twenty-four compulsory core units which provide an introduction to the key areas of psychology

• Seven specialisation core units in neuroscience

• One specialisation elective in neuroscience

• One psychology elective in the third year second semester

Competitive entry requirement to Year 1.

Prerequisites VCE Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 20 in one of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Psychology or Physics; Unit 1 and 2 Mathematics preferred but not essential; and a study score of at least 25 in any English (except EAL) or at least 30 in English (EAL).

Non-Year 12 applicants must complete and submit a Personal Statement online if they wish other information to be considered.

A credit aVerage (60-69 per cent) or higher, attained in the second and third year of an APAC accredited undergraduate psychology degree, is required to qualify for entry into the fourth year honours course.

Further information on admissions criteria can be found at

Master of Psychology (Clinical) - Year 5 - 6

The course structure is generally based on four full-time semesters (each of 12 weeks duration), with 5 units (10 points each) typically taught in each semester.

It comprises:

• Eleven compulsory core units which provide knowledge and skill training to the key areas of clinical psychology

• Two core internal placements as a probationary psychologist within ISN Clinic

• Two core (one 20 point unit) external placements as a probationary psychologist within various psychological clinics in the Health Network

• Three core research units (one 20-point unit) in psychology making up the minor thesis component of the course

While entry is governed by many factors such as an interview and experience relevant to the field, the minimum entry requirement is an average of 75 per cent. As per APAC standards, successful completion of a four-year APAC-accredited undergraduate sequence in psychology, with an upper second class Honours (2A) or equivalent overall mark, within the last 10 years is required prior to entry. Candidates must be eligible to apply for provisional registration with the psychologist registration board.


ISN Psychology Open Day 

Date: 11th August 2019

Location: 443 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe, 3079

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Find out more at 


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