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Jobs that didn't exist ten years ago

Jobs that didn't exist ten years ago




The last decade has seen a huge shift in what employment means and technology has changed the nature of how people work. Below are some of the jobs that didn't exist in 2007 as we look back at where we've been and wonder what is next.

App designer



Before the iPhone exploded into the world, software design was limited to studios and corporations. The advent of the smartphone built a brand new niche occupation and with it, opportunities to create software used worldwide, without the budget and technical expertise normally associated. The role of app designer ignited the freelance coding trend and as more apps were developed, the role's scope expanded.



Digital marketing specialist



The internet has changed the shape of marketing, with search engines becoming the major power player in connecting people with businesses. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are now key tactics for businesses to attract customers and make money. Digital marketing hasn't replaced traditional forms, instead it has expanded their scope and ability to reach people.



Social media manager



While Facebook wasn't the first social network, it ones the one that transformed online businesses and marketing. Now almost every individual and business has some form of social media presence, whether it is a neglected Twitter account, or a fully integrated strategy that uses the full range of social media networks in conjunction with traditional techniques.



YouTube star




The convergence of high-speed internet technology and high-definition cameras in almost everyone's pocket, has made it easier than ever to create professional looking videos. This has created the phenomenon of the YouTube celebrity and sensations such as PewDiePie have earnt millions of dollars making videos. The success of streaming and content on demand services means that we are only now seeing the possibilities of user-generated content and how big "internet famous" can become.

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