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How to use social media more mindfully and productively
Social media has changed how we communicate and live. It’s become a safe space for many people, a place of learning, empathy, education, connection, and entertainment.

02 Jul 2020

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Which TAFE courses are free in Victoria?

Thanks to the Victorian Government’s $172 million investment to help fill industry skills gaps, over 40 TAFE courses and 20 apprenticeship pathway courses are free!

05 May 2020

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Is online study right for you?

Sometimes referred to as off-campus or distance education, online study is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many prospective students. 

11 Mar 2020

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Life after ATAR: Navigating the world of offers, preferences and pathways

Once you get your ATAR, you may have lots of questions on where to go and what to do next. Our blogs have a vast amount of information to help you navigate the world outside high school — here’s a guide to help you get started. 


16 Dec 2019

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