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Upskilling in the digital world – what to look for in a cyber security qualification
Thinking of enrolling in a cyber security qualification? We can help you choose the right course for your requirements and career goals.

24 Nov 2020

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Get to know your uni options
With universities being so multifaceted and so flexible, there are more options and pathways than ever before.

19 Nov 2020

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Student Stories: Four things I wish I knew before starting uni

With my first year nearly complete, here are some lessons I learnt in my first year of uni that other future students may benefit from.

21 Oct 2019

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Should teachers be adding a psychological string to their bows?

The prevalence of teachers serving as counsellors and confidants, not only for students but other staff raises an interesting question: how could a qualification in psychology benefit teachers when it comes to dealing with students and even broadening their own career aspirations?

01 Aug 2019

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