100 jobs of the future

It’s inevitable: many jobs that exist now will eventually be superseded by technology, and many industries will evolve beyond recognition, thanks to advancements in technology.  

Rather than dwelling on robots taking our jobs, we can look at the opportunities that technology brings to tomorrow’s workforce. A 2017 report by Commonwealth bank stated that ‘the future of work will be primarily about how people can collaborate effectively with machines to do what neither can do alone’. 

Some of the most in-demand roles today haven’t been around for that long — think bloggers, UX designers, digital marketers and social media managers. 

Ford/Griffith/Deakin: 100 jobs of the future – Nanomedical engineer

Ford Australia partnered with Deakin and Griffith universities to create an extensive report on what the future of work will look like in the coming years. The report describes future roles and comes with a quiz so you can find out what job you’re best suited to. According to Ford, the major drivers of change are technological advances, climate change, data democratisation and globalisation. 

The major themes that will be focused in the future are big data, algorithms, 3D printers and prosthetics, intelligent materials and vastly more nuanced and complex ways of communicating. The report also states that digital skills and STEM/STEAM skills are required across all future jobs. 

Ford/Griffith/Deakin: 100 jobs of the future - Nostalgists

Here are just a few of the jobs that featured on the list:

• Nostalgists: Assisting in preserving the memories of elderly people to create a personalised experience for older people and people with dementia

• Child assistant bot programmers: Designing humanoid robots that support children to play safely

• Cyborg psychologists: Helping humans to accept their synthetic organs and robotic limbs

• Chief ethics officers: Working with large companies and government organisations to ensure they are considering genuine ethical practices and adhering to corporate social responsibility

 Cricket farmers: With 1,900 edible species of insect available, crickets are an excellent and efficient source of protein 

We don’t know for sure what the future holds but we do know that technology is only going to keep progressing rapidly and contributing to the ever-changing workforce. Visit 100jobsofthefuture.com to view the whole list and start future-proofing your career plans. 

Ford/Griffith/Deakin: 100 jobs of the future - Chief Ethics Officer

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