I've completed high school - now what?

I've completed high school - now what?

Post-high school life fosters mixed feelings for Year 12 graduates. Some view it as a chance to relax, let loose or travel while for others, this period is occupied by trepidation surrounding ATARs and university offers. Regardless, both pathways will soon find themselves intertwined at university and as I prepare to enter this new phase, I have outlined five goals for the upcoming year.

Get a job

It goes without saying that the transition towards adulthood is not without its responsibilities and challenges, which I intend to meet head on. I am aiming to land a job in the education industry, which ideally will assist in the development of valuable time management skills.

Get involved in the community

Having grown up in Sydney, I have plenty to be thankful for. When I get the opportunity, I hope to give back to the community by enlisting in volunteer work. I anticipate that I will dedicate my time to conservation projects to help regenerate Sydney’s damaged environments.

Study, study, study

My enrolment in the prestigious Dalyell Scholars program at The University of Sydney will require me to maintain a high level of academic achievement. Therefore, I am aspiring to achieve a distinction average grade to ensure I retain my place in the stream.

Go abroad

Travel is also goal for the upcoming year. A road trip with friends, a family trip overseas or an exchange program all come to mind, as have the significant exchange opportunities available through university, which would allow me to study abroad.

Live a little

Reflecting on my HSC year has rekindled my craving to experience the new and unknown, from social interaction to academic opportunities. Put simply, I plan to experience and embrace university life, with the intention to make the most of my time there as a student.

Dan L

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