How to remain proactive over the winter holidays

How to remain proactive over the winter holidays

With exams coming to an end, many students are wondering how they’ll spend the winter holiday period. If weeks spent lazing around the house aren’t your thing, our top five ways to remain proactive over the holidays may provide some inspiration.

Find course-related work experience

What better time to search for work experience than the holiday period? With your weekday schedule free, you’ll have plenty of time to seek out opportunities and get started in the workplace. Most employers will be happy to allow you to work around your class schedule (through part-time work, for instance) and some may offer short-term opportunities, such as a two-week internship rather than a semester-long stint. See How to get work experience during your course for more information.

Take a holiday

If you’re feeling a little worse for wear after those late nights studying, doing some travel or simply getting away for a short break will help you return refreshed and ready for the new semester. You could visit a charming regional town over a weekend, head interstate or plan some travel overseas. If you’re worried about your finances, rest assured that there are many travel options for budget-conscious students, such as renting a holiday house with a big group of friends or finding cheap winter flight deals. If you’re not keen on leaving home, check out what’s on offer in your local area over the break.

Volunteer in your community

Volunteering over the holidays is a great way to give back to your community. Volunteer positions can often be found with charities and local community organisations such as op shops, animal shelters, adult education centres and youth centres. The list of things you can do as a volunteer is endless. You may find yourself serving soup, distributing promotional material or even helping an organisation run an entire event. Contact your institution or local council for more information. You can also find details on Volunteering Australia’s Go Volunteer website.

Take on extra shifts at work

Although we don’t recommend working through the entire break (after all, you do need your rest!), it’s a good idea to take on some extra shifts to bulk up your bank balance for the new semester. This will be a huge help if you suddenly need to pay for an unexpected expense throughout the semester, such as a new laptop or expensive textbooks. If you have a casual or part-time job, many employers will be happy to give you a few extra shifts — particularly if you work in a service-based industry that tends to get busier during holiday periods.

Get organised for the new semester

Getting organised in advance will be a welcome relief once the new semester comes around, and isn’t as arduous as it sounds. It can be as simple as reading through your course outlines for each subject, noting down exam dates on your calendar and getting your stationery shopping done with time to spare. If you have access to your booklist for each subject, purchase your compulsory textbooks ahead of time — this will save you from huge lines at the bookshop in the first week of classes.

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