Part-time study: Pros and cons

Being a full-time student is the pathway for thousands ofschool leavers every year but the reality is, this isn’t feasible foreverybody. Whether it’s due to employment or looking after a new baby, thereare circumstances where full-time study isn’t possible, so we’ve compiled alist with the pros and cons of studying part-time.



There is no doubt one of the biggest factors in choosingpart-time study over full-time is the capacity to work more often and earn moremoney. Full-time students often do night and weekend shift work to fit in withtheir busy schedule, whereas part-timers have more flexibility.


Blending part-time study and employment along with leisuretime can be a pretty good mix. There is less coursework to deal with and it isunlikely that your routine will be as concentrated as someone who is full-timeat university, allowing more time to do what you enjoy.


Tutors and lecturers will be familiar with students tacklingpart-time study and should be able to provide advice for how best to approachthe course. Completing a smaller proportion of the workload will also leavemore time for seeking out the assistance of teaching staff to clarify anyissues.   


There is great variation in the people that choose to studypart-time. They could be middle-aged already with a distinguished career, ayoung professional raising a family or a school leaver working casual shifts ata local café. 



Naturally, it takes longer to complete a degree or diplomawhen you are studying part-time. This can be frustrating, particularly whenother students in your course are graduating while you are still at university.


Juggling work, study, family life and other responsibilitiescan take its toll. Poor time management can be disastrous, particularly if youreducation is neglected and you fail to meet the course requirements.


Just because you aren’t at studying full-time doesn’t meanthat you won’t endure the typical stresses of university life. You will stillbe expected to meet deadlines, complete assignments and pass exams, regardlessof your circumstances outside of university.


Some institutions simply don’t offer part-time study. Thiscan be the same with specific faculties or courses, so it is worthinvestigating prior to selecting a university.

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