Recharging during university holidays

The last few weeks leading up until the end of universityare always stressful. You’re busy cramming for exams and submitting finalassignments, which can leave little time for anything else. The completion ofthis hectic period always comes as a great relief, but it’s important to makethe most of your time off.

Here’s five ways you can ensure you’ll come back nextsemester in a good frame of mind.

Catch up on sleep

It’s a fair assumption that you’ve probably been spendingplenty of late nights cramming for exams. Now that they are done and dusted,it’s a good chance to get some well-deserved rest and return to a regular kindof sleep pattern, one that doesn’t involve poring over textbooks aftermidnight!

Eat well

It won’t only be your sleeping habits that have suffered.Inevitably, your diet will be less than ideal when you’re ultra-busy, withtakeaway, pre-packaged meals and snacks high in sugar often the norm. Now thatyou’ve got more time on your hands, you can load up on fresh fruit andvegetables, and focus on nutritious, balanced dishes.

Get away

You’re probably sick of staring at your computer screen, sowhy not take the opportunity to head somewhere you’ve never been before. Achange of scenery is a great way to freshen up and there is no shortage ofoptions – go camping in the bush, cruise down the coast or visit a town you’veheard good things about.

Turn off your email

Keeping abreast of everything regarding your education isvery important but at the end of semester, it will do you the world of good toturn off your email notifications for a few weeks. This gives you a chance towithdraw completely from the stresses of studying, so that when you switch youremail back on, you will be refreshed and ready to go.

Fresh air

Exercise is something else that may have taken a backseatthroughout exams, but there’s no reason this trend should continue during theholidays. Get active by playing for a local sports team, going for a hike orjoining a gym. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can start training for amarathon or triathlon!

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