Caroline — Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication)

Why did you choose to study communications?

I have always liked words, and this course seemed appropriate to my interests (pop culture, reading and the news). At high school I never really cultivated science or maths interests, and my strengths lay with English, history and all those humanities-based subjects. I completed my International Baccalaureate (IB), which provided a broad curriculum, but I wanted to try a more specialised field at university level. I didn't want to do arts as it seemed a little too vague, so communications seemed like the next best thing.

What was the best thing about your course?

I loved university and that it opened up other worldviews on communication. It also helped me understand why society and media are the way they are in Australia. I also loved discussing pop culture in a theoretical sense, as it made me see the art in everyday life.

What was the worst thing about your course?

I don ™t think there was enough organised work experience through the university. You really have to go out there and get it yourself, which in a way is perhaps better as that ™s what real life is like. You can't be shown how to do everything in your career. Perhaps, instead, the importance of work experience could have been stressed further.

Have you found work in your field?

At the moment I work as a project manager at a digital agency in Melbourne. We make anything digital, which is pretty fun, and provides lots of insight into the online world and how it is evolving. I didn't really go into uni wanting one particular job so this suits me well.

What advice would you give to students considering studying communications?

Do all the work experience that you possibly can. This will allow you to taste-test different communications fields and gives you the opportunity to see what is out there in the industry. I completed an internship in a public relations firm and it made me realise I hated working in the field with a deep, burning passion ” if I hadn't I probably would have applied for jobs in that area when I graduated and would be not very happy now!

Have you completed further study?

After graduating I realised I wasn't quite done with university and wanted to dive into my coursework more deeply, so I completed my honours year too. During this year I wrote a thesis about cultural communication, framing it through a case study on Museum Victoria. I would consider going back for a postgraduate qualification as I really enjoyed honours, but I ™m not sure if it would help my career prospects in the field I ™m in currently. In my case, I think work experience is actually more valuable than an extra degree.

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