Rosemary — Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Why did you choose to study social work?

I’m passionate about social justice, so I’m hoping that the coursewill give me the skills to be an effective practitioner as well as allowing meto help those most disadvantaged in our society. In this course we’re trainedto see the broader structural problems that people face in society and, withsome luck, help them to overcome these through critical and reflective practice.Combining social work with psychology adds a really interesting dimension to myunderstanding of social issues, and I think they work well together in terms ofseeing the big and little picture all at once.

What is the best thing about your course?

The best thing about this course would be the focus on criticaltheories, which have really broadened my thinking and understanding of theworld. Also, there are two placements we have to undertake later in the course,which will be a great opportunity to get some fieldwork experience.

What is the worst thing about your course?

The worst thing is that it’s quite difficult to learn sad orupsetting things and not let them affect you, but I guess that’s goodexperience for when you’re working in the field.

What does your course involve?

The course is four years long, with placements in the field in thirdand fourth year (70 days each). There are lectures and tutes for each subjectand the option to pick up a few electives as well.

What are your job prospects after graduating?

Job prospects after graduation seem pretty good but, as in mostsocial service fields, are heavily reliant on continued government funding. Thatbeing said, I think the double degree will be an advantage once I graduate, associal workers and psychologists often work together in multidisciplinary teamsand being able to relate to both fields will be very useful.

What advice would you give to studentsconsidering studying social work?

I would advise students considering social work to get someexperience working in the field of human services, whether through paidemployment or volunteering. This course can be a bit heavy at times, so I wouldsuggest people do some research before applying and make sure they have a goodsupport network of friends and family around them. Another thing is to havesome savings before going on placement, as it’s difficult to do any sort ofpaid work!

Will you complete further study?

I would consider undertaking further study after graduating, maybeto do some research, but I’d like to work for a while first.

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