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The best study apps for uni students

The best study apps for uni students

With the exam season in full swing, students across Australia are in serious study mode. There’s notes to revise, formulas to memorise and essays to write, creating an overwhelming workload that can fluster even the coolest of heads. If you’re after some study inspiration or just want to change up your usual revision techniques, check out our guide to some of the best study apps and websites (they’re all free too!). 


This handy website functions as both a citation generator and an essay writing checker. For citations, simply choose your style and enter in key information to create references for your bibliography. The essay checking function analyses your paper to point out grammar, punctuation and plagiarism issues. 

Access BibMe here


A useful app for language students, Duolingo allows you to refine your existing knowledge in preparation for exams. Use this app to revise common phrases, practice language rules or test your vocabulary.    

Download Duolingo from iTunes or Google Play


For the disorganised among us, this app will be a god send come exam time. Egenda allows you to manage your study load by keeping track of all your upcoming homework, assignments and tests. You can set reminders and record due dates to ensure that you won’t forget about any important work. 

Download Egenda from iTunes or Google Play


If you’re an avid note taker, you will enjoy the annotation capabilities available on the Evernote app. At the free Basic level, you’ll be able to highlight and annotate images, take screenshots of browsers and record audio notes. You can access additional organisational and collaborative features such as PDF editing by subscribing to paid plans. 

Download Evernote from iTunes or Google Play

Google Drive 

To create, edit and share documents across a range of platforms, Google Drive is your best friend. You can use this app to take notes, before sharing it with fellow students so they can add to your document. Google Drive stores and saves your work online, meaning that it will be protected in the event of a catastrophic computer crash. 

Download Google Drive from iTunes, Google Play or for web


Chronic procrastinators beware – you’ve met your match in the SelfControl. To help you focus, this app blocks access to websites of your choice for a set period of time. This block withstands computer restarts and app deletions, so you’ll be left with no choice but to study until the timer goes!

Download SelfControl for Mac OS here. For an Android compatible version, try the Stay Focused app on Google Play


Students who study on the go will appreciate this app as it allows you to access study notes on your mobile device. Create your own flashcards or choose from pre-made sets to revise and conquer your exam content. 

Download from iTunes or Google Play

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