Why you should consider mid-year entry

Why you should consider mid-year entry

If you haven ™t previously studied or if you feel that you ™re ˜stuck ™ in a course you hate, beginning a course midway through the year may be for you.

Mid-year entry is a great option for students and is available in a number of courses, across all education sectors and levels. It allows new students to enter a course in the middle of the year ” often with catch-up options such as summer semesters (or trimester models at some universities) to make sure that you can still graduate on time.

Depending on the institution you choose, you will either apply through your state or territory ™s Tertiary Admissions Centre (see below) or submit a direct application. Make sure you check with individual institutions, as application processes may vary. (Note ” postgraduate courses and VET courses often use a direct application process.)

Here are a few reasons why you might choose to enrol mid-year.

  • You need time off after finishing school:
    Like many school leavers, you may want to take some time off ” whether to travel around the world, earn some money or just to relax. In this situation, you can apply for mid-year entry or apply for first semester and defer your place until the second semester once you have been accepted.
  • You miss out on a place:
    If you missed out on a place for semester one or took up a place in your second or third preference, mid-year entry can help you gain entry into your first choice. Remember, many institutions specifically allocate additional spots for the mid-year intake, meaning that you have another chance to snap up a spot in your preferred course.
  • You choose the wrong course:
    Students often think that once they begin a course they are ˜stuck ™, but this is not the case. If you truly hate your course or realise that it ™s just not the right fit, mid-year entry allows you to transfer to a different course (often with some credits granted for your first semester).
  • You need flexible study options:
    If you are a mature age student looking to study for the first time or getting ready to begin a second degree, starting in the middle of the year can provide you with extra flexibility. You may need a flexible starting option because you have commitments at the beginning of the year (children getting ready for school, as one example) or simply because you would like a little bit of extra time before you commit to a (possibly lengthy) degree.

It ™s important to remember that mid-year intake is not available for all courses, so you should check with each institution to see which programs are eligible. Refer to your local Tertiary Admissions Centre ™s website or the institution ™s website for a full list of participating courses.

Further information:

  • QTAC ” applications for courses in Queensland
  • SATAC ” applications for courses in South Australia and the Northern Territory
  • TISC ” applications for courses in Western Australia
  • UAC ” applications for courses in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales
  • VTAC ” applications for courses in Victoria

Note: All applications for courses in Tasmania go directly to the institution.

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