Year 12 survival tips

Year 12 survival tips

The thought of embarking on your final year of school can trigger a range of emotions ” excitement, nervousness, stress, nostalgia, anxiety, sadness or just impatience to get out into the world. Whether you ™re excited to have taken the next step or are just hanging out for the end, we provide some tips to help you get through Year 12.

Ask for help when you need it

It ™s no secret that Year 12 can be stressful at times, and most students will find that at one point or another they start to feel the pressure. If you ™re struggling with something ” be it a certain topic in class or just school or study in general ” it ™s a good idea to talk to someone early, before stress starts to build up. This could be as simple as seeking out your teacher before class or chatting to your parents about your study set-up at home. Assistance can also come from your careers counsellor, year-level coordinator, head of house or pastoral care coordinator, as well as academic advisers, former students and friends.

Stay organised

This is something you ™ve probably heard time and time again but it really does pay to be organised! Consider making up a study schedule before exams, setting aside time for each subject throughout the week, starting assignments as early as you can, setting yourself deadlines to complete work and making the most of free periods or study blocks by heading to a quiet location free from distractions.

Don ™t over-commit yourself

Year 12 is hard enough as it is, let alone when you ™re trying to balance sporting commitments, part-time work, leadership responsibilities, music or drama rehearsals, family commitments and a social life. If you find that you are struggling to keep up with your workload at school, you may want to ease up on some of your extracurricular activities. It ™s also important to learn to say no to things when you really have no time to spare ” you ™ll find that most people understand how stressful Year 12 can be.

Mix up your study routine

You ™re going to spend a lot of time studying in Year 12, so try to mix up your study routine. This will help you stay focused and productive and allow you to absorb as much information as you can. Consider switching between different study techniques ” from using flashcards or mind maps, writing summaries and watching online tutorials to getting a friend or family member to quiz you, completing practice tests under exam conditions and working through questions from the text book.

Take time to research your post-school options

Taking time to research and make plans for post-school life can provide a nice break from studies, while also helping you to stay motivated by reminding you of the bigger picture. This may include researching institutions and courses of interest, making travel plans for the holidays, organising things for your gap year and putting together course applications.

Stay calm and keep things in perspective

It can be hard to look past graduation and into the future. Our advice: Year 12 is an important year but it will not dictate the rest of your life and there is always more than one pathway into a course or career.

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