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Train drivers drive trains along a rail network in order to transport passengers or freight.

Training officers plan, develop, implement and evaluate training and development programmes in organisations.

Translators convert written documents from one language to another while maintaining the precise meaning of the original text. Translators usually specialise in two or more languages. They may also specialise in a particular field of work such as commerce, law, health, science, technology or literature.

Transport administrators plan, organise and control the operational activities of road, rail, air and water transport.

Employers & associations:

Transport clerks check the contents and related documents of freight goods. They tally and record the consignment and destination details of articles, containers and passengers. They also make freight or transport bookings, as well as related arrangements.

Transport managers organise and control the operations of a transportation business.

Transport operations officers monitor train, tram or bus services and check up on service disruptions. Transport operations officers spend much of their time in the office but often need to travel within their service area. Shiftwork, weekend work and additional shifts during peak periods are usually expected in this occupation. Being outdoors in all weather conditions is also required.

Transport services officers assist the public in their use of passenger transport services, maintain orderly conduct of passengers, patrol public transport to ensure safety and security on transport networks, and inspect tickets.

Travel consultants provide information, advice and booking services for people wishing to travel. Travel consultants in large organisations may specialise in particular areas such as business, international or domestic travel.

Trichologists diagnose and treat human hair and scalp problems and provide care for the general health of human hair.

Truck drivers use heavy vehicles to transport goods and materials from one location to another.

Truck offsiders assist truck drivers to load and unload goods on trucks.

Tutors provide academic instruction to students on both an individual and a group basis in a non-classroom environment.

Tyre fitters and repairers fit and repair tyres on vehicles and diagnose faults in tyre wear.

A UI/UX designer is responsible for developing the look and feel of websites. They focus on the user's journey and consider how to make it as smooth and productive as possible. Their role is important in the world of web design and can influence sites' performance in a number of ways, including conversion, time on site (TOS) statistics and shareability.

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