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Financial dealers and brokers conduct financial market transactions on behalf of clients and offer advice on financial matters.

Financial dealers' assistants assist stockbrokers and stockbroking firms in activities such as buying and selling shares, handling share certificates, processing financial market transactions and investment advising.

Financial institution branch managers direct the local activities of the bank branches of and branches of related financial institutions such as building societies and credit unions.

Financial planners develop and implement financial plans for individuals covering all areas of finance, including taxation, retirement, superannuation, insurance and estate planning.

General Managers administer industrial, commercial and government organisations. They may do this on their own or through a team of senior executives.

Health information managers combine knowledge of healthcare processes, health records and administration, information management and human resource management to provide services that meet the medical, legal, ethical and administrative requirements of the healthcare system.

Health promotion practitioners plan projects to improve the health of individuals and the community.

Hotel and motel front office attendants look after the needs of guests on arrival and during their stay in a hotel or motel.

Human resource managers plan, administer and review activities concerned with staff selection, training and development, conditions of employment and other staffing issues within an organisation.

Human resources officers provide administration services for the recruitment and employment of staff. In small organisations, human resources officers are usually responsible for all staffing matters. In large organisations they may specialise in a particular area such as recruitment, wages and entitlements or staff training.

Importers and exporters sell and buy goods, such as raw materials, foodstuffs and manufactured goods, produced in Australia for export to overseas markets, or procure products made overseas for import to Australian markets.

Insurance agents represent insurance companies and sell insurance to clients, including individuals and organisations.

Insurance brokers act on behalf of their clients, providing professional and technical advice about commercial, corporate and personal insurance products from a range of companies according to their clients' individual needs.

Insurance investigators conduct investigations into insurance claims to ensure they are valid.

Insurance officers carry out clerical and other functions associated with insurance transactions.

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