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Transport administrators plan, organise and control the operational activities of road, rail, air and water transport.

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Mainfreight Rail Careers

Transport clerks check the contents and related documents of freight goods. They tally and record the consignment and destination details of articles, containers and passengers. They also make freight or transport bookings, as well as related arrangements.

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Rail Careers

Valuers assess land, property and other items such as commercial equipment and objects of art, and provide advice about the administration and commercial use of land and property. Valuers generally specialise in a particular type of valuation according to their knowledge and experience, such as real estate or art. Valuers have a lot of contact with the public and may be required to spend a lot of time travelling.

Word processing operators type, edit and print documents, using computers with word processing software programmes and printers.

Workplace relations officers manage employment conditions and related issues. Workplace relations officers aim to encourage employees and employers to work towards effective organisational practices. They may represent industrial, commercial, union, employer or other organisations in workplace and industrial negotiations.

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