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Retail managers plan and coordinate the operations of retail outlets, including small independently owned specialty shops, fast food restaurants, chain store outlets, supermarkets and department stores.

Sales assistants sell goods to customers in retail and wholesale establishments.

Sales representatives sell goods and services to industry, business and professional establishments, as well as to wholesale or retail outlets.

Employers & associations:

Sales representatives (IT) promote the sale of computer hardware, software and IT services.

Secretaries assist professionals, managers and executives by performing clerical and secretarial duties.

Sports administrators manage sports clubs, associations and peak bodies, undertaking activities such as promoting their sport, obtaining corporate sponsorship and refining the rules and structure. Sports administrators usually work with a voluntary board or committee to develop strategies and programmes to achieve the aims and policies of the club, association or peak body.

Stock and station agents advise and represent farmers and graziers in business transactions such as the buying and selling of livestock, wool, fertiliser, farming and grazing land, equipment and merchandise. Stock and station agents may specialise in livestock buying and selling, auctioneering, property and merchandise sales, arranging finance and insurance, pastoral inspections, and stud stock or wool. They may be classified as grain merchants, wool buyers or wool merchants.

Storepersons receive, handle and dispatch goods coming into, or going out of, stores or warehouses.

Strata managing agents are appointed by the owners of multi-unit properties to manage the financial and administrative affairs of their strata scheme.

Taxation compliance officers check and assess taxation returns to ensure they comply with government legislation.

Technical sales representatives represent companies in selling a range of industrial, technical, medical and pharmaceutical goods and services to industrial, commercial, retail, professional, health or other establishments.

Telemarketers telephone prospective customers to promote products and services and obtain sales or arrange sales visits.

Ticket sellers sell tickets and make reservations for sporting and entertainment venues, tourist attractions and some travel arrangements.

Tourist information officers provide travel, hospitality and accommodation information to tourists, promote tourism, and assess tourist opportunities for local communities.

Trade union officials work to maintain and improve the wages, conditions and employment opportunities of workers in particular occupations or industries. In some unions, trade union officials are elected from the union's membership, but in others they are appointed to paid positions. Officials with training in fields such as law, journalism, economics, accountancy and welfare may be appointed to specialist positions (such as legal officer or media officer). Research officers generally have tertiary qualifications that may be in a broad range of disciplines from arts to science.

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