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Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators plan, direct and coordinate health and administrative services provided by hospitals, community health services, aged-care facilities, private healthcare facilities and other health service organisations.

Duties & Tasks
Hospital administrators may perform the following tasks:
  • prepare annual funding estimates, forecasting the demand for services and allocating budgets
  • improve and maintain delivery of health services by planning the services and accounting for the cost of care and the distribution of staff
  • represent the health service by attending meetings, seminars and functions
  • talk to members of the community, local interest groups, politicians, industry associations and the media in relation to the organisation and the services provided
  • act as liaison officer between the governing body of the health organisation and health authorities
  • manage staff in areas such as cleaning, safety, maintenance, records and accounts
  • take part in identifying problems and needs within the health service by attending staff meetings
  • liaise with medical and nursing staff
  • interpret industrial awards and other regulations concerning staff employment contracts
  • develop and implement new policies and procedures
  • participate in the promotion of occupational health and safety management within the organisation.
  • Personal requirements
  • able to analyse and solve problems
  • good planning, organisational and decision-making skills
  • good communication and interpersonal skills.
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