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Importer and Exporter

Importers and exporters sell and buy goods, such as raw materials, foodstuffs and manufactured goods, produced in Australia for export to overseas markets, or procure products made overseas for import to Australian markets.

Duties & Tasks
Importers and exporters may perform the following tasks:
  • supervise and coordinate the marketing activities of overseas distributors/agents and assist with administrative, sales and marketing functions
  • investigate and assess overseas demand for goods produced in Australia or local demand for goods produced overseas
  • research and comply with legal requirements affecting import and export of goods to and from Australia
  • discuss orders and arrange for the production of goods with suppliers and distributors/agents
  • arrange the shipment of goods, ensuring that all customs barrier control procedures and other documentation requirements are satisfied
  • arrange payment for goods, ensuring these payments meet financial regulations in Australia and overseas
  • liaise with freight forwarders and customs brokers, who make freight and space bookings with airline or shipping companies and arrange for the movement of cargo from airports and wharves
  • monitor the performance of the business and prepare financial statements and report on import/export operations
  • negotiate contracts and agreements with end buyers/sellers and with distributors and agents
  • ensure product intellectual property (brand name, design or patents) is registered and protected in the countries where they are sold.
  • Personal requirements
  • good communication and negotiation skills
  • good understanding of commercial activity
  • research and administrative skills
  • basic mathematical skills
  • ability to speak one or more foreign languages is highly desirable (a considerable amount of overseas travel may be required).
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