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Jewellers design and make jewellery and small objects using a wide range of materials, including metals, stones, woods, plastics and fibres.

Duties & Tasks
Jewellers may perform the following tasks:
  • create design drawings and specifications for wearable or three-dimensional objects
  • shape metal and other materials by cutting, filing, hammering, turning, spinning, bending, casting, folding and linking using specialised hand and power tools and equipment
  • assemble articles using soldering, screwing, riveting and other joining methods
  • finish articles using files, emery paper, buffing machines or other appropriate tools and equipment
  • secure gemstones in settings
  • engrave designs on ring settings, brooches, bracelets and other articles
  • repair jewellery by soldering, replacing or rebuilding worn or broken parts
  • remodel old jewellery
  • sell jewellery direct to the public or to retail jewellery shops.
  • Working conditions
    Jewellers may work using mass production techniques and machinery, concentrating on one part of the work, or as more highly skilled craftspeople producing an entire piece from beginning to end.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy artistic and creative work
  • good eyesight (may be corrected)
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • able to work carefully and accurately
  • creative design ability
  • enjoy making things
  • patient and able to persevere.
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