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Truck Driver

Truck drivers use heavy vehicles to transport goods and materials from one location to another.

Duties & Tasks
Truck drivers may perform the following tasks:
  • drive defensively and handle hazardous road conditions
  • load goods onto the truck either by hand, or by using a forklift or other lifting equipment
  • make sure loads are correctly placed and secured to avoid damage to the truck or goods
  • couple and uncouple trailers
  • perform pre
  • and mid-trip vehicle and security inspections
  • carry out basic vehicle maintenance
  • drive vehicles to their destination and unload
  • carry out administrative duties, such as checking items against the inventory, recording damage, collecting payments and issuing receipts
  • enter information into in-cab electronic equipment to record required trip information
  • maintain a work diary with details of trips.
  • Working conditions
    Truck drivers may drive company-owned vehicles or be owner-drivers. Owner-drivers must obtain their own delivery work. Truck drivers carry a wide variety of goods, including flammable substances, raw materials, building materials, manufactured goods, livestock and refrigerated products. This profession often requires early starts, long shifts, days away from home, as well as travelling long distances to country, interstate or remote areas. Some trucks are equipped with bunks, televisions, refrigerators and ergonomically designed seats.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy practical work
  • mechanical aptitude
  • able to drive safely
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • safety-conscious
  • meet any age restrictions that may apply.
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