• Laura Tengzelius
    Laura Tengzelius

    Laura Tengzelius

    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

    At JCU a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences is a hands-on degree where you get to spend a lot of time in the lab, working with microorganisms, DNA and human tissue. It provides a great understanding of the behind the scenes of the medical field and community. JCU offers real research possibilities and professors from all around the world with high-quality knowledge and lecturing styles. There are multiple opportunities to develop your interest in further research allowing your curiosity in science to grow.

  • Callum Parker

    Callum Parker

    Bachelor of Nursing Science

    I’ve learnt so much through studying a Bachelor of Nursing Science, and it’s opened my eyes to so many opportunities. Nursing is such an interesting career, there are so many opportunities for growth and possibilities for change that you could never get bored. With such a big cohort I’m always meeting new people and making new friends even though I’m in second year. I am living on campus and I’m loving it.

    Callum Parker
  • Kara Angel 
    Kara Angel 

    Kara Angel 

    Bachelor of Business Marketing and Human Resources 

    Choosing to study Business at JCU is one of best decisions of my life. The staff provide teaching that draws from both academia and real-life experience. The College enables students to experience more than just studying by providing networking and professional development to enhance our education and future careers.  

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