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Name: Emily Quinn

Course: Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management and Sports & Event Management

I’d wanted to learn more about events and leadership since I was about 15 and took the organiser role for a school formal, putting together a committee and bringing the event to life. As I progressed through school, project managing smaller group activities and participation in a few work experience programs gave me confidence in the direction I wanted to go. 

JCU is a University that offered me the opportunities I wanted without having to travel too far from home. Moving to a city like Brisbane or Sydney wasn’t something I was totally ready for at 17, and a double major that allowed me to focus on management and events was exactly what I was looking for. 

The variety of course content was really enjoyable. From presenting projects to panels in entrepreneurial classes, to creating tourism event campaigns that would drive people to regional Australia, every subject was different. 

The lecturers at JCU really helped shaped my degree. It was great to have teaching staff who take time to get to know you and your personal circumstances, as well as having classes that are small enough for them to be really personal. I was lucky to be given some great work opportunities whilst completing my studies, and my lecturers were so understanding and flexible with me, knowing that the work experience I was gaining was going to lead me to being a higher achieving graduate. 

After graduating from my studies, I worked for about a year in Townsville between a few part-time event roles – getting to know the industry well from a number of perspectives, such as event hire, event management and more. I then travelled to the USA for two months. Three days after landing back in Far North Queensland, I was on a plane to Sydney for a job interview and have been here since. I’m currently working as Executive Assistant and Event Manager for a company that takes music festivals to regional areas around the country. 

I’m lucky to work with an exceptionally hard working bunch of ladies who inspire me every day to achieve my highest potential. Breaking through the Music Industry mould with a 75 per cent female office, we’re full of passion for what we do and have no hesitation when it comes to doing things differently. 

I’m quite proud of myself for overcoming the hurdle that I knew moving interstate would be. It was always going to be challenging, but with a year of work and a complete degree under my belt I had all the tools I needed to succeed in the city, so I took the leap and have never looked back. 

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