Certificate II in Furnishing - MSF20113


Type of institution: TAFE Institute
Level: Pre-degree
CRICOS: 00591E

This qualification describes the skills and knowledge required to perform basic furnishing industry tasks used in a range of industry job roles involving known routines and procedures and some accountability for the quality of outcomes.This qualification is typically used to develop skills and knowledge in basic furnishing techniques that include employment-related skills, including preparatory access and participation skills, broad-based induction skills and/or specific workplace skills. It involves collaboration with others through members of a group or team. Meaningful involvement of industry is essential to achieving this qualification outcome and workplace visits and placement to ensure exposure of learners to realistic workplace conditions and employer expectations is required.There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification. However, depending on the jurisdiction, licensing or regulatory requirements may apply to the use of some units in this qualification. Local regulations should be checked for details.


  • 14 units: 5 core
  • 9 elective


  • Fabricate and install insect and security screens
  • Prepare walls for coverings
  • Rectify faults in product
  • Install unpatterned tufted and bonded carpet floor coverings to stairs
  • Mount artwork
  • Use blinds, awnings, security screens and grilles hand and power tools
  • Prepare concrete sub-floors using wet cleaning methods
  • Make springs for mattresses and bases
  • Carry out concreting to simple forms
  • Select and apply appropriate compounds and additives
  • Sustain process improvements
  • Construct padded pelmets
  • Make up tracks for window coverings
  • Cut mat boards
  • Assemble a basic artwork package
  • Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
  • Make measurements and calculations
  • Receive and prepare floor covering materials for installation
  • Machine sew specialised sewn products
  • Install carpet cushion underlays and gripper accessories
  • Calculate fabric quantities for window coverings
  • Manage the impact of change on own work
  • Remove existing floor coverings
  • Select, operate and maintain floor covering cutting machine
  • Install carpet tiles using standard installation procedures
  • Construct metal louvre and canopy-hooded style awnings
  • Work in a team
  • Monitor process capability
  • Weld plastic materials
  • Set up, operate and maintain a quilting machine
  • Fit and adjust interior blinds
  • Produce barrels using non-fired processes
  • Fit and adjust curtain hardware
  • Install hard underlays
  • Moisture test timber and concrete floors
  • Install impact and sound absorption underlay
  • Fabricate and assemble frames
  • Use upholstery sector hand and power tools
  • Select and apply blinds and awnings hardware and fixings
  • Install metal structures and features
  • Construct aluminium roll-up style awnings
  • Set up, operate and maintain blinds and awnings sector static machines
  • Install laminate timber and bamboo flooring
  • Hand make timber joints
  • Construct lined curtains and drapes
  • Perform minor maintenance
  • Construct unlined curtains and drapes
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Join mouldings
  • Design and produce business documents
  • Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances
  • Install exterior blinds and awnings
  • Move and store materials and products
  • Select, operate and maintain scarifying equipment
  • Apply contemporary foundations to upholstered furniture
  • Dress windows
  • Select, operate and maintain demolition equipment
  • Package goods
  • Use soft furnishing sector hand and power tools
  • Construct vertical-style blinds
  • Select, prepare and apply moisture barriers and damp proof membranes to concrete sub-floors
  • Install mouldings and edge trims to timber flooring
  • Receive goods
  • Apply quick changeover procedures
  • Identify and select canvas and sail materials
  • Fit upholstery components
  • Hand sew soft furnishings
  • Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • Prepare, select and apply smoothing and patching compounds
  • Install products on and off site
  • Machine sew materials
  • Set up, operate and maintain pressure and clamping machines
  • Prepare and assemble base unit
  • Undertake surface preparation
  • Assemble springs for mattresses
  • Nail strip timber flooring
  • Cut mattress and base fabrics
  • Maintain and repair barrels
  • Carry out excavation
  • Apply 5S procedures
  • Set up and operate basic static machines
  • Use coopering sector hand and power tools
  • Use picture framing sector hand and power tools
  • Cut single layer fabrics
  • Select, operate and maintain grinding equipment
  • Operate a personal computer
  • Use flooring technology sector hand and power tools
  • Dismantle and re-assemble furniture for upholstering
  • Provide first aid
  • Apply cost factors to work practices
  • Develop cutting plan and cut single layer upholstery fabric
  • Apply competitive systems and practices
  • Construct roll-up and pull-down style blinds and awnings
  • Contribute to workplace innovation
  • Assemble mattress components
  • Operate a steam press
  • Deliver a service to customers
  • Construct textiles for canopy-style awnings
  • Construct aluminium Venetian-style blinds
  • Apply Just in Time procedures
  • Construct plastic and timber Venetian-style blinds
  • Select, operate and maintain shot blasting equipment
  • Cut mouldings to length
  • Produce barrels using fired processes
  • Install resilient tiles using standard installation procedures
  • Install expansion joints
  • Coarse sand timber flooring
  • Install lay flat vinyl floor coverings
  • Install unpatterned tufted and bonded carpet floor coverings
  • Machine sew basic upholstery final cover materials
  • Apply quality standards
  • Work safely
  • Perform routine manual metal arc welding
  • Set up, operate and maintain a tape edging machine
  • Cut and handle glazing materials for framing

Study information

CampusFeesEntryMid year intakeAttendance
Lidcombe College No
  • Part-time : 30 weeks

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