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Ratings Explained: Learner Engagement

Ratings Explained: Learner Engagement

The Good Universities Guide is committed to educating its audience about the importance of our university rankings and ratings, which are crucial for informing prospective students about their education options. Over the next few months, we will be going through each rating individually and highlighting the institutions that are excelling in this area.

What is Learner Engagement?

The Learner Engagement rating represents the proportion of students who felt they were engaged with learning at their institution.

Why does this matter to me?

Learner Engagement is based on the extent to which students felt prepared for study, had a sense of belonging at their institution, participated in discussions online or face to face, worked with other students, interacted with students outside of study and interacted with students different to them (including local students for international respondents).

Which university led the way for Learner Engagement?

Bond University was the number one ranked institution for Learner Engagement with 84.7 per cent of students satisfied. Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws student, Declan Roe said the staff of Bond University were without a doubt the most supportive factor in his first year of university. 

“The number of services that were on offer to students, such as Student Learning Support, which helped me figure out what to research in an essay and how to structure, allowed me to embrace the academic style of writing that is expected at university,” he said.

“The lecturers at Bond ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the content and then the amount of attention and care you receive from the tutors is second to none. The small lecture and tutorial sizes ensure that when you are struggling or not understanding content, that you are looked after.”

What other institutions performed well for Learner Engagement?

University Learner Engagement
Bond University 84.7%
The University of Notre Dame 78.6%
University of Wollongong 68.5%
RMIT University 67.9%
Australian Catholic University 67.7%
Curtin University 67.6%
Charles Sturt University 67.6
James Cook University  67.0%

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